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who am you?

the site runner! annie, ms maryam, the one the only! :3
i really love music, art, photography, clothes, writing, and tons of other stuff! and yume nikki holy shit. if u couldnt guess from the "custom-made" gif on the front page lol. um if ur trying to imagine what i look like, i literally just look like urotsuki (the girl in the aforementioned gif) so imagine her lol. im just a silly silly puppygirl who likes to code sometimes :3 im also a furry and trans so theres that too hehe :3

what's this site?

another site in the extending list of sites ive made i guess lol :3 its just another blog of mine

do u have any socials?

yep! theyre listed here! :3

whats ur fursona?

its literally just me with doggy ears and a :3 face... i used to have a far more interesting sheepy one but i havent drawn her in forever... ill share some drawings of them eventually


my discord is kafkaesquepuppygirl; feel free to send me messages and or questions! please be respectful though >,<

est. 2022