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reading my fair share of trans novels rn... finished detransition baby about a week ago, and after i started a reread of nevada. have a lot of complicated feelings about detransition baby, but in general i dont really love it. its still quite good though, i would struggle with recommending it though. i need to read crying in hmart soon, same with the bell jar and trans girl suicide museum. and probably little blue encyclopedia by hazel jane plante. i also went to a book store a couple months ago and it reminded me that i still need to read hegel's phenomenology of spirit. also need to start my copy of the trouble with being born. i also wanted to read gravity's rainbow, ghost wall by sarah muss, randomly moving particles by andrew motion, the woman destroyed by simone de beauvoir, and unmasking autism by devon price. i need to read my manga that i just have sitting in my dorm, its like a couple volumes of mob psycho i havent started and city by awari. and goodbye eri; i hear its getting published in english in june, super excited to get that! i started reading jojo part 9, jodio is so silly omg. new chapters of chainsaw man pt 2 are also super good, recommend that shit to anyone its so fucking good. i wanna get around to reading blood on the tracks too.


im trying to do a reread of my year of rest and relaxation currently... i dropped trainspotting in the middle of the book, as its starting to get a bit harder to read and its also a bit annoying trying to keep track of all the new characters being introduced. also rereading solanin, need to start reading mob psycho 100 again. nevada is a really really good story but its a bit depressing... its been hard to motivate myself to read as of late


i still need to make a background and some images and whatever for the page, but ill write this little bit for right now. i have been reading a little bit of rainbow lilies gangrene blues from time to time, i picked the book up from the whitney when i was in nyc a month ago. its good so far, i only picked it up because of the cover and that the first few pages looked good. ill take a photo of the book once i get home since theres like no photos of it online lol. (photo here) its been so long since i read my year of rest and relaxation, i still need to finish it. im only like 3/4 of the way through. kinda pathetic on my end lol... like i cant even finish a book bc im lazy lol. same w/ infinite jest but only bc reading 1000 pages seems virtually impossible for me. me and drew in the same boat loool. theres another book i picked up at this coffee house / book store that i only read that day that i bought it and then havent read it since. literally forgot the name of it lol ill post it in a bit... uhh i need to reread flcl omnipus or whatever the like collection book is call bc the art is so good in that. sorry for talking about manga in the book section bc apparently its not REAL LITERATURE 9_9 whatevs i like my quirky little comics and i love flcl >,< read do you love me by rd laing its good poetry i wrote some of it in a school project its that good and quirky plus lain from serial experiments lain is named after laing like isnt that cool!! ^__^ anyways love to read learn learn learn and always think! and read! even articles and insta count! ^____^