under construction

1/23/2022 i've abandoned my old website now. i dont want to reveal what my past site was, because its kinda embarassing to me now. my plan for this site is gonna be something like hosting my interests and whatever. so like music, photography, fashion, sewing, the anime and shows and movies i like, my favorite books, some of my art, journals of mine, etc. shoutouts to bestie omg. anyways like there's not much to show right now since i had the idea to make an updated website just today, so i don't have much of a concept for the design and format of the site at large. its gonna have those cute little badges at the bottom and its gonna have music playing or whatever but thats about all i know so far. still thinking of whether or not to have that layout where theres a navi bar on one side of the screen and on the other side its the page itself. idk but this page is gonna embody my esoteric femcel aesthetic interests whatever whatever stupid hipster shit blah blah... anyways im gonna log off now, need to watch beatles documentary. ciao, navi

love, ms maryam

ps she ^ is me irl btw