my pen!!! :D


here she is!!! :3 isnt she soooo cool??? i use her for journaling, or if i need to write something quickly and she happens to be handy :3

here she is with the cap off (apparantly, when u have the cap on the back of the pen its called "posting..." i happen to post! the little hole in the pen body is a window to check up on your ink cartridge or converter, whichever you are using at the time! you can kinda make out that there's red ink in through the window in this photo

heres a little gif of the ink cartridge! i just found it really interesting its got like moving bubbles in it and shit 0_0 also please ignore my super cut up and dirty fingers! theyre particularly dirty today because i had to clean the pen before swapping components and got black ink all over my hands... >,<

close up of the new nib, notice the "ef" notifying that you are using an extra fine nib! also, ignore the blood-like stains coating the nib, that's the new demon blood ink lol :3

old pic of the pen before i switched the nibs and ink, the nib says "f" for fine :3 i was also using a black ink cartridge at this time, bc it was the one that came with the pen lol

final cute little pic, this is just a random shot taken before i did the parts swap :3