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okay this is a quick just like kin list bc i am peculiar and was inspired by tuna to make one :3

betty!!! from adventure time!!!!! :3 i love her shes my goat shes just a silly

urotsuki!!!!! of course! im not even joking when i say she looks like me
(shes from yume 2kki btw)

i also lowkey kin madotsuki shes cool :3

also to some extent the narrator from my year of rest and relaxation by ottesa moshfegh; i highly relate to her inner monologues and such.

laura palmer too... i dont need to elaborate beyond that

jade barkley harley :3 from homecuck

actually i have a lot of homestuck kins (sorry) so ill just list them now as to not bombard yall with funny critters
-aradia megido-
-roxy lalonde!!!!! :3-
(shes my fav :3)
-dave strider-
-kanaya maryam-
(i may have derived my chosen last name from a particular character)

kim pine from scott pilgrim!
ramona a bit too but mostly in regards to her fashion lol

yes i also kin the evil twisted bitches from flcl bc of course i do :3

them!! asuka too :3 the art is credited to @streekee but i cant find their page anymore :p

ena from the hit series ena! i cant find a cool photo of her on my phone so heres cool oc fanart from sludgeboy and also because i suck at video games and off putting in nature

POWIE chainsaw man!!!!!!! denji too hehehe :3c

okay i think thats all for now bye bye :3