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4.3.2024 - sharing (other)

they dont call me the sharer for nothing! uh anyways this post is cool idk who these lesbians are though. this website with a ton of drum sample downloads seems cool but i cant manage to download most of the hyperlinks. this is an annie. i saw a video on twitter just now of two girls on a livestream grabbing each others boobs i think i have a tumor. in my brain. ugghh moving on... they call me the oversharer too i guess... i have the urge to reread the flcl manga again after watching a couple episodes again last night. this site has a ton of old bjork photos and scans that i love to visit sometimes. this is one of my favorite grimes photo shoots; it includes art used in visions and geidi primes!

3.30.2024 - books, other

i started dune over spring break, and im only like 200 pages in; i think im going to have it on hold for awhile. i also picked up the graphic novel gleem, very excited to start that one. i want to play the lain ps1 game, but it seems to be a really difficult play, gameplay and emotion wise. i read eileen by ottesa moshfegh over christmas break, and i ended up really enjoying that one. i still think year of rest and relaxation is her best work. ive been very unmotivated to read as of late, but i try my best to read on the bus. i think trying to read dune like that is killing my enjoyment; that and trying to read naked lunch at the same time. naked lunch is very good, and very enjoyable for me, but its very difficult to parce at times. especially considering the at times difficult content of the book. i guess im no stranger to those sorts of themes and subjects... i want to read the bell jar; i have a copy of it but i havent tried reading yet. im hoping its somewhere in the middle between a room of ones own by virigina woolf and year of rest and relaxation. hopefully something entirely different, and unique.

11.20.2023 - book talk

im still rereading my year of rest and relaxation, at the part where the narrator breaks into reva's apartment and steals her vicadid or whatever. i wanna read patti smith's just kids next. i was listening to horses and seeing a lot of attention on her as of late and alot of people recommending the book so i figured i should read it. i was rereading 920london the other day too; that one is really good on a reread especially. remy boydell is like easily my fav illustrator rn. i recently got another virginia woolf novel (the name evades me at this current time) that i need to start reading too. ill probably start once i start this thanksgiving break... (im at work rn, no classes this week at least) i tried reading a bit of consider the lobster by david foster wallace, but i couldnt really get into it. his writing is so good though, like hes so consistently laugh-out-loud funny its great. i think its a very good quality in a piece of work if its funny, intentional or not. a bad movie is only managable and tolerable if its funny, imo. with some exceptions of course. i also need to read naked lunch, the year of magical thinking, and the left hand of darkness. possibly also finish reading trainspotting; i adore the movie but i kinda dropped the book halfway through, unfortunately and despite me really enjoying the unorthodox writing style. edit: i just read the description for Ottessa Moshfegh's eileen. safe to say i know what my next read is going to be haha.

9.5.2023 - FUCK

i literally wrote an update for this and then forgot to press save!!!! shoot! sorry yall i think it was about new writing equipment idk itz been a bit >,<

8.7.2023 - books

finally picked up lapvona again, damn it is freaky omg... i also brought im thinking of ending things with me to my grandparents place, so if i finish lapvona i have an equally comforting book to pick up after ^^ i have been recommended serious weakness by my strange trans femme friends and um. i might read but there is a good chance that i will not because it is kinda evil and twisted >,< i just bought a hard cover copy of my year and relaxation off the internet today because my paper back copy is lowkey falling apart... i also bought joan didion's the year of magical thinking in that same order; these titles are similar in title lol :3 i was recommended the vegetarian by han kang by a friend so i will be reading that soon too :3

5.14.2023 - consumerism

i want to buy some denim tripp pants with all the straps. maybe the standard denim but i was thinking about the grey denim too tbh. i wanted to get hoodies from the online ceramics x silent hill collab but i really dont want to drop $120 on a hoodie rn in this heat. i also want to get some deftones and smashing pumpkins t shirts from hot topic whenever i go to the mall again. annie goes to the mall without getting overstimmed challenge (impossible) anyways i also eventually want to get an imac g3 running either macos 9.2 or archlinux. idk about the archlinux part though lol. i want a really pretty and cute one that i can use as a furnature piece kinda. with the matching apple branded hockey puck mouse. lily chou chou, bc,nr, and ichiko aoba cds as well. i would say cowboy bebop cds but the ones i want with the specific songs i NEED are like in $200 boxsets from years ago... i also want to get a really crazy looking stand-alone cd player with built in speakers. something like this. a model:cycles by elektron too. a 50W vox amp, and a telecaster. im also trying to save up for an electric bike, better than a car and a motorcycle for college, plus no gas. i also wanna get a bb simons esque belt thats just absolutely too loud and obnoxious. i would buy an actual bb simons belt but they want like $300-400 for them used and like i am not that commited to the bit... one day i will get the supreme one. i might buy some supreme t shirts too if they have a fun design on them for cheap used, but i dont really like how thick the material is on their shirts tbh. lastly i want to eventually get a rick owens hoodie. i know that sounds fucking insane but i like the mountain hoodie :3 yall fashion is killing me and this is a cry for help... and the fake af miu miu ballet slippers with all the straps and ribbons on them!!! :3

5.12.2023 - psyop mode

*disclaimer- i would be a threat behind the wheel at this current moment* i could literally just make like 12 out websites and just promote each other into oblivion and convince everyone that it was 12 trolls from famous homestuck when it was actually all me annie huskie woof woof here at service o7 reporting for duty!! lol hehe :3 i was imagining an entire music video medium and all and everything in my brain listening to i got my tooth removed by 100 gecs god i love stoned brain girl time lol night owl 4eva im gonna be such a funny little thing at like 24 bc ill literally be stunning and like this gorg older woman and in reality i am the most deranged mf on the fucking planet and i need to be kept under a fume hood and stored in a biosafety cabinet like the cute little radioactive rock i am :3c

4.27.2023 - pens / stationary

omg omg omg. i got red ink finally for my fountain pen and im so excited. i got my pen originally with a fine nib, but the lines it made werent small enough for me. so, i bought myself an exta fine replacement nib in a black finish! the new ink cartridge is really cool too; you can see the ink move around and shit in the little window of the pen :3 ill display images on a subpage here, also fyi i use a lamy safari. im hoping to get a kaweco al sport at some point, will notify the masses when i finally procure one. i was like super stressed and overstimmed this afternoon, so i just sat in bed watching jetpen's youtube page with my big old headphones on and my weighted blanket >,< ive been wanting to get something akin to a drafting table for better reading and/or writing, and they had this raymay kenko book stand on display, looks really good in red... some other things that intrigued me were-
-kokuyo's soft ring notebook, which seems fun bc i dont like the usual metal rings digging into my arms

-the kokuyo gloo glue stick looks really cute with its square design, but idk when id use a glue stick... would much rather have portable tape.
-the maruman zuan sketch book looks so cute with the green and yellow design on the front! i think id buy a letter sized one so that i can mail people cute little pictures :3
-ive been wanting one for a while, but i kept forgetting the name of it... however, now that i know its name, i can say that i think the sakura koi watercolor set is super adorable and that i want one!!! ive always wanted to get into watercolors, so this seems like a fun entry option :3
-ive been meaning to get a new pencil case that can house my fountain pens safer, but im torn between the sonic sma sta standing case and the sun-star arm... not so sure about the arm though; i think it can only hold pencils, and i dont use pencils...

thats all for stationary and pens! side note though– ive been reading helter skelter by kyoko okazaki finally! ive also gotten myself a copy of david byrne's how music works, very excited to read what he has to say!! :3c

4.7.2023 - drawing

since my last post on drawing ive been drawing a fuck ton lol. lots of sketching with my new pen, here's some pages :3 id recommend getting a fountain pen if ur into writing and stationary... sorry fountain pens are some like uber nerd stuff lol hehe... :3 make sure to draw if u can today!

4.5.2023 - drawing

ive been meaning to draw more but i havent been super inspired lately. i was working on a tiny little painting earlier this year but i didnt really like the idea i came up with and kinda got bored with it so i gave up... i need to make a habit of sketching more in my actual sketchbook instead of on my assignments because i hate having to like cut huge pieces of my assignments out to tape them into my sketchbook. it does look cool though lol, scrap book-y vibes hehe :3 i also wanna do watercolor stuff but id have to buy like whole new materials for water coloring and it seems like super messy tbh... just gonna stick to sketching and occassionally messing with my markers i think :3

3.27.2023 - travel (?)

i am back at my moms house rn to go to some doctors appointments and shit >,< i forgot to bring my phone charger so that really sucks, but its been making me use my laptop a lot more so thats good. i packed another bag in my checked bag to bring back a ton of my books and my cds and my ps2 hehehe :3 i have a tv that my wifey gave me back at my dorm so thats why im bringing the ps2; was debating on bringing my japanese ps1 bc i have more games for it but like bitch can that shit play persona 4? didnt think so. i love teddy from persona 4 hes the best

2.18.2023 - books

reading my fair share of trans novels rn... finished detransition baby about a week ago, and after i started a reread of nevada. have a lot of complicated feelings about detransition baby, but in general i dont really love it. its still quite good though, i would struggle with recommending it though. i need to read crying in hmart soon, same with the bell jar and trans girl suicide museum. and probably little blue encyclopedia by hazel jane plante. i also went to a book store a couple months ago and it reminded me that i still need to read hegel's phenomenology of spirit. also need to start my copy of the trouble with being born. i also wanted to read gravity's rainbow, ghost wall by sarah muss, randomly moving particles by andrew motion, the woman destroyed by simone de beauvoir, and unmasking autism by devon price. i need to read my manga that i just have sitting in my dorm, its like a couple volumes of mob psycho i havent started and city by awari. and goodbye eri; i hear its getting published in english in june, super excited to get that! i started reading jojo part 9, jodio is so silly omg. new chapters of chainsaw man pt 2 are also super good, recommend that shit to anyone its so fucking good. i wanna get around to reading blood on the tracks too.

1.1.2023 - books

im trying to do a reread of my year of rest and relaxation currently... i dropped trainspotting in the middle of the book, as its starting to get a bit harder to read and its also a bit annoying trying to keep track of all the new characters being introduced. also rereading solanin, need to start reading mob psycho 100 again. nevada is a really really good story but its a bit depressing... its been hard to motivate myself to read as of late

5.6.2022 - books

i still need to make a background and some images and whatever for the page, but ill write this little bit for right now. i have been reading a little bit of rainbow lilies gangrene blues from time to time, i picked the book up from the whitney when i was in nyc a month ago. its good so far, i only picked it up because of the cover and that the first few pages looked good. ill take a photo of the book once i get home since theres like no photos of it online lol. (photo here) its been so long since i read my year of rest and relaxation, i still need to finish it. im only like 3/4 of the way through. kinda pathetic on my end lol... like i cant even finish a book bc im lazy lol. same w/ infinite jest but only bc reading 1000 pages seems virtually impossible for me. me and drew in the same boat loool. theres another book i picked up at this coffee house / book store that i only read that day that i bought it and then havent read it since. literally forgot the name of it lol ill post it in a bit... uhh i need to reread flcl omnipus or whatever the like collection book is call bc the art is so good in that. sorry for talking about manga in the book section bc apparently its not REAL LITERATURE 9_9 whatevs i like my quirky little comics and i love flcl >,< read do you love me by rd laing its good poetry i wrote some of it in a school project its that good and quirky plus lain from serial experiments lain is named after laing like isnt that cool!! ^__^ anyways love to read learn learn learn and always think! and read! even articles and insta count! ^____^